Natural Treatment for Dyslexia ADD/ADHD

Natural Treatment for Dyslexia

Success Stories

"We started noticing a measurable improvement in my son's emotional stability and educational growth after he completed BIT with Sarah. Thanks so much!" 

—Mom from Westminster, CO

"I brought my son to Sarah for help with attention and reading, and it worked so well for him that he started reading faster then I!  I decided I would like help for myself with reading and attention, which had become difficult for me during a particularly stressful period of time at work.  BIT did help, but the greatest benefit for me was that when she worked on my limbic system, I felt a release of the fight or flight response, and a sense of calm that I had never had.  Now, I can still get stressed out or feel a fight or flight instinct when appropriate, but when I return to a state of calm, it is easier to stay there, and remain there, thinking calmly about what I will do next.I highly recommend it!" 

—Sara Nelson -Boulder Valley Literacy Teacher

"As a child I suffered a compression fracture after jumping off a shed. Many years of pain an physical limitations ensued. Fast forward to adulthood, I learned about BIT and went through treatment. I became so impressed with BIT as a healing modality, that I decided to make a commitment to pursue the career of becoming a practitioner of BIT.

Shortly after having completed my integration, I traveled to Boulder to take the preliminary course to become a BIT practitioner. It was in October of last year, that I met Sarah Branstetter, as one of three women who were co-teaching the course. After the class ended, Sarah was kind enough to find time to work on two of my stubborn issues for a few hours. The hope and possibility that she could erase my lower back pain and take away my bothersome hand tremors once and for all excited me to no end! By the end of the day, having worked in two consecutive sessions, morning and afternoon, my hands and fingers had almost completely stopped trembling, while the pain in my lower back had improved greatly. Back home in Boston, I noticed and miraculously that after about two weeks my lower back was completely pain free for the first time in my life, while my hands were completely steady! I was so excited, I had to call Sarah to let her know what had happened, and so she could share my joy!

It brings tears to my eyes when I say that Sarah is an extremely gifted healer. I will always hold within my heart, deep gratitude for the dedication Sarah has shown, for she has changed my future forever. Through the skilled use of the techniques of Brain Integration, Sarah has released my body from years of constant pain and suffering. If you are not using Sarah to treat your accidents, injuries and other tough health issues, then I would strongly encourage you to do so."

—Paul-66 year old retired teacher, Boston, MA